Oklahoma Kaiju

Oklahoma Kaiju-1




Oklahoma Kaiju-2Oklahoma Kaiju-3Oklahoma Kaiju-4Oklahoma Kaiju-5Oklahoma Kaiju-6Oklahoma Kaiju-7Oklahoma Kaiju-8Oklahoma Kaiju-9Oklahoma Kaiju-10Oklahoma Kaiju-11


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Oklahoma Kaiju-12Oklahoma Kaiju-13Oklahoma Kaiju-14Oklahoma Kaiju-15Oklahoma Kaiju-16Oklahoma Kaiju-17Oklahoma Kaiju-18Oklahoma Kaiju-19Oklahoma Kaiju-20


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Oklahoma Kaiju-21Oklahoma Kaiju-22Oklahoma Kaiju-23Oklahoma Kaiju-24




Oklahoma Kaiju-25Oklahoma Kaiju-26Oklahoma Kaiju-27Oklahoma Kaiju-28Oklahoma Kaiju-29Oklahoma Kaiju-30Oklahoma Kaiju-31Oklahoma Kaiju-32Oklahoma Kaiju-33Oklahoma Kaiju-34Oklahoma Kaiju-35Oklahoma Kaiju-36Oklahoma Kaiju-37Oklahoma Kaiju-38Oklahoma Kaiju-39






Meet the Artist – Jerry Bennett


When did you start drawing?

Since I was a very young child, drawing Star Wars ships back in 2nd grade!

What are your favorite things to draw?

I think I most enjoy drawing people, because I really enjoy creating all kinds of facial expressions, looks, different hair styles, and poses to place them in to make them relate to the world around them. But, I also love creating original creatures and robots, too.

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

Much of my influence derives from comic artists like Arthur Adams and Michael Golden, and recently Stuart Immonen and Olivier Coipel. I’ve also been very inspired by the movie poster art of Drew Struzan.

Any projects you’re working on or looking forward to?

I’ve really been blessed to get some really fun work, drawing storyboards and character concept work for independent clients. I’m also enjoying all the licensed sketchcards I’ve been doing for Star Wars and MST3K trading cards, with sketchcards for a Marvel X-Men trading card set coming soon.

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

People can find me on Instagram and Facebook by the same name, artistjerrybennett. My Twitter handle is @comicbookjer


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