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Okie Comics Magazine is a great way to reach families and Millennial readers in the metro area. We regularly host ads from bookstores, museums, and events targeting younger markets in OKC.

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We offer a new take on periodicals with each quarterly issue serving as an anthology of the talent right here in Oklahoma. With 30,000 free print copies and a digital release that makes the best of both worlds, we estimate a readership of 150,000. Each ad is priced by size in our print edition and included in our digital release as a linked image that will not be stopped by ad-blockers. Larger ads are included multiple times to ensure visibility.

An ad with us puts your name out to thousands of local readers while showing them your support of Oklahoma art. Fill out the contact form below or give us a call at 940-268-3043 to get in touch with us about ad rates.

What people are saying about us

“An Oklahoma-centric free… comic book showcasing some of the best writers and artists in the state” – Louis Fowler, Red Dirt Report

Okie Comics will help raise outside awareness of the comic community and help lure new artists into the fold” – Ben Luschen, Oklahoma Gazette

“A wide range of Oklahoma talent” – Matthew Price, The Oklahoman

“All the stories… feature Oklahoma’s personality, ranging from bison-shaped clouds on the cover to the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.” – Brian Brus, Journal Record

Okie Comics Magazine is one… necessary addition to the comic scene in general, not just to Oklahoma. We need more local outlets for creators who struggle to find ways to branch out past their own little corners of the world. ” – Derrick Crow, Indie ComiX


Who reads Comics?

Just about everyone! Comic sales have been steadily climbing yearly with over one billion dollars sold in North America in 2016.1 Oklahoma City itself offers 191,481 consumers who regularly spend money on entertainment reading.2

A survey by the Nielsen Company showed that half of comic book readers are between the ages of 18 and 34 and that fans have strong retention rates, with 70% frequently returning to buy more comics.3

Demographics show that comics readers are also balanced between genders with 47% of readers female.4

What do these numbers mean? That comics have wide appeal, especially with younger readers, who keep coming back for more. This is the demographic missed by typical media.


3The Mary Sue. “DC Comics Nielsen Survey Results Are In, They Are Interesting.”

4The Beat. “Market Research Says 47% of Comics Fans are Female.”


Why comics?

There is something a little magical about the medium of comics. People clip cartoons to post on the fridge, and reading groups share graphic novels. Academically speaking, comics have both the visual stimulus to grab a reader’s attention and the textual narrative to hold it, lasting into long-term memory. These factors show comics are a zooklahoma6powerful medium for reaching readers.

With Okie Comics Magazine’s dedication to setting its stories in Oklahoma, readers will be thinking about Oklahoma: its history, its culture, its locales, and its businesses. There are plenty of comics set in New York City, or even on another planet, but none reach readers like those who recognize the names just a few blocks from home.