Meet the Artist – Tanner Feuerborn When did you start drawing? I started drawing when I was about 7. I used to sit in front of the TV on Saturday mornings and drew what I saw on the cartoons. What are your favorite things to draw? I love drawing superheroes […]

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The $46 Tour

      Meet the Artist – Jim Massara When did you start drawing? One of my earliest memories of drawing was when I was maybe 6, and Dad brought home a stack of obsolete stationery from his job, where they had just changed the logo. The paper was mostly blank, so I drew on […]

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From the Sky

    Meet the Artist – Kent Clark When did you start drawing? It’s clichéd, but I’ve always been drawing. I have a copy of a newspaper clipping of a drawing I did at about 5… I think. Maybe 7. I didn’t become serious about drawing comic books until about 12 when I started reading […]

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Okie Comics Issue #4

In this Issue: Cover: “Oklahoma Past Years” – artist Jerry Bennett “The First Bedlam Game” – Jerry Bennett & Jackson Compton “Food Fight” – Bob Lausten & Mike Anderson “Catch ’em Alive Jack” – artist Tyler Kelting “The Invention of the Shopping Cart” – artist Cari Lee “A Grave Christmas” – Matt Price & Ellis […]

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          Meet the Artist – Mackenzie Mullins When did you start drawing? It might be a bit cliché, but I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. The practice really took when I was diagnosed with a neurological speech-language disorder in elementary school, and I discovered that through art and […]

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A Grave Christmas

            Meet the Writer – Matt Price When did you start writing and drawing? As far back as I remember, probably by age 6 or so, I was making comic books for my own amusement. What are your favorite things to draw? I like learning about all types of writing. […]

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