“Something More”

        Meet the Writer – Stephen McMurtrey When did you start writing? A couple of years ago, a story popped in my head about a kid who wanted to prove that gravity did not apply to him. From there, I have been writing stories all the time. What are your favorite things […]

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“Quality Time”

        Meet the Writer – Marc DiPaolo When did you start writing? In 1989, in 8th grade, I wrote the book Doctor Who: The Bringer of Darkness, featuring the 4th and 6th Doctors, Daleks, Time Lords, the Celestial Toymaker, and Peri (resurrected), with a plot that predicted later adventures The Genocide Machine and The Big […]

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“The Headless White Horse”

        Meet the Writer – Roger Colby When did you start writing? I have been writing since I was 15 ,which makes a solid 32 years I’ve been writing short stories and novels. What are your favorite things to write? I love science fiction mainly because it is a way to comment […]

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“Oklahoma Red Octopus”

        Meet the Artist – Austin L. Brooks When did you start drawing? Starting drawing around age 6 inspired by classic cartoons & comic books. I was obsessed with the cool action, colors & iconic characters. What are your favorite things to draw? Retro or then-modern comic books & cartoons like GI […]

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