Stone of Thor

Meet the Writer – Peggy Chambers When did you start writing? I’ve always been in love with literature, but I’ve been writing for over 10 years. My first novel was published in 2014. What are your favorite things to write? I write several genres.  I love fantasy, but I also write romance suspense and children’s […]

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Veggie or Fruit?

  Meet the Artist – Kyler J When did you start drawing? I was about 6 year old when I tried copying a drawing from a manga. It was terrible, and I stopped drawing for a long time. Somehow, I tried copying it again and thought it was good. 14 year later, I’m still doing […]

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The Boomers in “Reckoning”

  Meet the Artist – Tanner Feuerborn When did you start drawing? I started drawing when I was about 7. I used to sit in front of the TV on Saturday mornings and drew what I saw on the cartoons. What are your favorite things to draw? I love drawing superheroes and cartoons. Who are […]

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