Tales From The Storyteller #1

Meet the Writer – Marc DiPaolo When did you start writing? In 1989, in 8th grade, I wrote the book Doctor Who: The Bringer of Darkness, featuring the 4th and 6th Doctors, Daleks, Time Lords, the Celestial Toymaker, and Peri (resurrected), with a plot that predicted later adventures The Genocide Machine and The Big Bang. I tried to […]

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The Library of Doom

        Meet the Creators – Marissa Pruett & Rachel Brown When did you start drawing? Marissa: I started drawing before I started school. Rachel: I started drawing last summer when I visited Marissa in OK. What are your favorite things to draw? Rachel:  I like to draw dogs, flowers, Disney characters, and […]

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Oklahoma Time Quest

    Meet the Artist – Taylor Kauppila When did you start drawing? I started drawing very early on since preschool and kindergarten, and I just kept doing it because I love it so much. What are your favorite things to draw? Characters mostly. People are very fun to draw for me, especially faces, expressions, […]

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OKC 2185

  Meet the Artist – Mikel Cozart When did you start drawing? I’ve been drawing since I was like 5 years old, it was something I picked up from my dad. What are your favorite things to draw? I like drawing whatever comes into my imagination really, from my comic book series to bringing my […]

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