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Meet the Writer – Matt Price

When did you start writing and drawing?

As far back as I remember, probably by age 6 or so, I was making comic books for my own amusement.

PriceWhat are your favorite things to draw?

I like learning about all types of writing. The collaborative nature of comics can make it very rewarding as you see each stage get to completion. As far
as types of stories, I’m drawn to those who fight on despite the odds.

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

For The Grave specifically, pulp and old-time radio heroes like The Shadow and the Green Hornet and of course Will Eisner’s The Spirit. I was also inspired by Oklahoma history of the 1920s era, which was a whirlwind of technological innovations, intersecting cultures and changing mores.

Any projects you’re working on or looking forward to working on?

A few more “Grave” tales are in various stages of completion, including one drawn by Ben Soto. I’m hoping artist Mario Wytch and I find time to do more with my character “The Oklahoma Spur.”

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

Print copies can generally be found at the comic shop owned by my wife, Annette Price, and me: Speeding Bullet Comics, 614 N Porter Ave in Norman. You can also see what I am up to online at matthewLprice.com.


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