Meet the Artist: Kaedin Teel When did you start drawing? I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I started drawing comics in elementary school with my friends. What are your favorite things to draw? I really enjoy drawing people. Experimenting with poses, facial expressions, lighting, clothing, and more – in order […]

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Okie Comics Issue #7: Spooklyhoma!

In this Issue: Cover: “Spooklyhoma!” – Mackenzie Mullins “Jackie” – by Ashley Davis “Fistful of Dirt” – by Stephen McMurtrey & Katrina Younts “Joel and Dean vs. the Ozark Howler” – by Zack Rose “The Sniper Tower” – by Tyler Tarlton & Matthew Brendle “Digging up the Past” – by Derrick Crow, Clemente Castillo & […]

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Why Aliens Attack

Meet the Writer – Jackson Compton When did you start writing?I’ve had the mindset of a writer all my life. I was influenced by all things science fiction and fantasy as a child and wrote short stories and drew illustrations for my stories. I put togeth-er a class newspaper in 5th grade and in 6th […]

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Okie Comics Issue #4

In this Issue: Cover: “Oklahoma Past Years” – artist Jerry Bennett “The First Bedlam Game” – Jerry Bennett & Jackson Compton “Food Fight” – Bob Lausten & Mike Anderson “Catch ’em Alive Jack” – artist Tyler Kelting “The Invention of the Shopping Cart” – artist Cari Lee “A Grave Christmas” – Matt Price & Ellis […]

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