Okie Comics Issue #7: Spooklyhoma!

In this Issue:

Cover: “Spooklyhoma!” – Mackenzie Mullins

Jackie” – by Ashley Davis

Fistful of Dirt” – by Stephen McMurtrey & Katrina Younts

Joel and Dean vs. the Ozark Howler” – by Zack Rose

The Sniper Tower” – by Tyler Tarlton & Matthew Brendle

Digging up the Past” – by Derrick Crow, Clemente Castillo & Megan Crow

Why Aliens Attack” – by Jackson Compton & Tanner Feuerborn

No Man’s Land” – by J.O. Young & Kent Clark

The Bobcat–The Old Woman in the Woods” by James Hostler & Jonathan Koelsch

Oklahoma’s Gubernatorial Ghost” by Jeff Provine & Jerry Bennett

A word from the editor…

I love a good spooky story, and when it’s a story that happened right here in Oklahoma, all the better! Eleven years ago, I started a little walking tour to tell some ghost stories from the history of Norman, and since I’ve published a few books of collections and added tours in downtown Norman and OKC. They even served as fundraisers for our first printings of Okie Comics. This issue marks another milestone with our successful crowd-funder campaign showing that Oklahomans support the arts, even in the midst of a pandemic.

While we’ve run the theme gamut for other issues, we wanted to do an entire set linked together by that eerie, exciting feeling of not knowing what to expect next as the year turns to fall. Even though Spooklyhoma! is all about the  feeling, we’re still taking a wide tour through emotions. Some stories are funny, some are a little scary, and plenty are action-packed. And all have that Oklahoma connection, whether urban legends like Beaver Dunes and the Ozarks, true stories like the machine-gun nest on top of Byron’s in OKC, or a Sooner setting like the Great Salt Plains.

Prepare your spine to be tingled, your hair raised, your funnybone tickled, and even your heart warmed!

You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma – Jeff Provine

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