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Meet the Artist – Don Rosencrans

rosencrans1When did you start drawing?

I started drawing when I was about waist-high, ever since my mom bought me some
Superman and Spider-man comics. Drawing (and writing) has carried me through all of
the different stages of my life and helped me to not only disconnect, but also connect,
to the world at large.

What are your favorite things to draw?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing creatures, such as beasts, fairies, devils and the sort. The
challenge I enjoy is how I can make something so bizarre looking relatable as a character (one reason Mangus is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created).

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

One of my early artistic inspirations would be Erik Larsen. To this day, it amazes me that he’s still writing and drawing Savage Dragon for all of these years. I also take a lot of inspiration from anime and manga from creators I admire like Kosuke Fujishima, Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo as well as Satoshi Kon’s later works.

rosencrans2Any projects you’re working on or looking forward to working on?

I am about to do a few new Doc Crimson short stories and collect them with all of the stories into a trade paperback. And after having worked with Charles Martin with all things Literati Press for seven years, I am pleased to announce he and I are finally collaborating on a mini-series!

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

I post most of my work on Instagram under @donrosencrans, and I can be found on Twitter under @d_rosencrans. Be sure to check out everything that goes on with Literati Press by going to www.literatipressok.com!




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