Okie Comics Issue #3

OkieComics3 Cover small

In this Issue:

Cover: “Highlights in OKC” – artist Kent Clark

“Okie Weather” – artist Don Rosencrans

“It Happened… on the Oklahoma River” – artist Scott Sackett

“Worth the Trip” – artist Brad Gregg

“Something More” – Stephen McMurtrey & Jessica Garvey

“Sergeant McLintock – The Oklahoma Patriot” – by Tom Simonton

“Quality Time” – Marc DiPaolo & Jerry Bennett

“The Headless White Horse” – Roger Colby & Richard DePew

“Oklahoma Land Rush” – by Jeff Provine

“Oklahoma Red Octopus” – artist Austin L. Brooks

“How ‘Oklahoma!’ Became our State Song” – artist Holly Wood


A word from the editor…

“My four-year-old is learning to read because of your comic!”

Those were the words of one of our fans who stopped me one day to thank us for our work on our first couple of issues. It’s humbling to hear that Okie Comics Magazine can make such an impact in only a few months of publication.

Our most-often asked question is, “When does the next issue come out?” Oklahoma is hungry for local art and stories set here at home, and we are happy to serve up a heaping helping of original work to fill that need. Some comics are historical, some play upon our famous sites, and some draw from everyday life here in the Sooner State. You never know what we’ll draw up next.

jeffprovineWe’ve had nearly two dozen artists and writers so far, which is only scratching the surface of Oklahoma’s wide range of styles and voices. With new creatives coming together like never before, there is so much to come as we proudly reveal what local talent can do!

You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma – Jeff Provine



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