“How ‘Oklahoma!’ Became our State Song”









Meet the Artist – Holly Wood


When did you start drawing?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. So, forever.

What are your favorite things to draw?

I love to draw women, aliens and awkward situations. I’m not sure why I got in to drawing so many women but I do love the curvy shapes of those that are full-figured. I know 5 years ago I hated drawing people because I was self conscious about drawing hands and feet so I used to avoid it at all cost. These days, I just have fun with it which has really helped my confidence.  Aliens are fun for me because we are all different and my alien characters are always kind of shocked and slightly annoyed at everyone’s weirdness. We are not alone when it comes to being weird. Awkward situations are my life, it’s great to share my uncomfortable experiences.

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

There have been a ton of cartoons that have influenced me, but I don’t think I was really inspired until I saw Rocko’s Modern Life. The colors, wacky characters and the most minute details within the storyline just grabbed me. Shout out to Joe Murray!

Any projects you’re working on or looking forward to working on?

I don’t have anything planned, but I would love to collaborate with someone. I’m working on my story-telling abilities, but until then I would like to illustrate for others.

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

Find me on Instagram @hollyhorsebrowns



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