Okie Comics Issue #2


In this Issue:image(4)

Cover: “New Heights” – artist Mike Kennedy

“Left Hanging” – artist Kent Clark

“When Film Goes Missing” – artist Ellis Goodson

Zooklahoma: “Buffalo Family Reunion” – artist Scoot McClung

“Oklahoma Kaiju” – artist Jerry Bennett

“Wild Mary Sudik: Oklahoma’s Biggest Gusher” – artist Brad Gregg

Couch Kids in “Another Mystery!” – artist Shelby Sotoshrug

“Shaman’s Portal” – artist Matthew Brendle


A word from the editor…

The response from our first issue has just about bowled us over! People all around the metro have been reaching out to us with how much they enjoyed reading comics set right at home, featuring the artistic talents of neighbors right next door. There’s so much potential in Oklahoma, and we’re glad to see Okie Comics as an avenue to bring it to light. A couple of our favorites:

A high school History teacher emailed asking how he could get a set of comics for his class. He had plans for Oklahoma research topics, and there was no way any student could argue that our state was boring after stories about gangsters, cattle trails, and wild weather fronts. We were happy to oblige!

Another story: a lady stopped me while I was restocking one of our stands to tell me all about her granddaughter bringing a rose rock to show-and-tell along with our comic explaining how they are made. Her classmates were transfixed with geology and Cherokee legend.

There are a hundred more stories of people discovering us, each one excited to see what comes next. Now here it is: our second issue.

You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma – Jeff Provine


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