“Left Hanging”

Left Hanging 1Left Hanging 2Left Hanging 3Left Hanging 4Left Hanging 5Left Hanging 6




Left Hanging 7Left Hanging 8Left Hanging 9Left Hanging 10Left Hanging 11Left Hanging 12Left Hanging 13Left Hanging 14Left Hanging 15




Left Hanging 16Left Hanging 17Left Hanging 18Left Hanging 19Left Hanging 20Left Hanging 21Left Hanging 22Left Hanging 23Left Hanging 24Left Hanging 25Left Hanging 26Left Hanging 27




Left Hanging 28Left Hanging 29Left Hanging 30


Meet the Artist – Kent Clark

SelfPortraitWhen did you start drawing?

It’s clichéd, but I’ve always been drawing. I have a copy of a newspaper clipping of a drawing I did at about 5… I think. Maybe 7. I didn’t become serious about drawing comic books until about 12 when I started reading comics again.

What are your favorite things to draw?

Comic books. I genuinely love the medium. Everything about it. The history of comics, the people of comics, even the smell of the old ones.

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

So many. Outside of the obvious ones like Kirby, Ditko, Kubert, etc., I love Frank Robbins. His use of strong black areas is so powerful. I love Ron Lim’s work because his stuff is so solid and the quality never wavers. Ed McGuinness is amazing. His characters just exude strength and power. My first huge influence was John Byrne. The man has no weaknesses. He can draw anything. I recently discovered some old Ramona Fradon work on Aquaman that I love. Her characters have such great personality.

Any projects you’re working on or looking forward to working on?

Working on a superhero 8 pager for Mark Davis’ Surprising Comics. Character called Skyscraper.

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

Find me at https://www.facebook.com/KentClarkArt/ and https://vagabondx.deviantart.com/




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