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Meet the Artist – Jim Massara

massaraWhen did you start drawing?
One of my earliest memories of drawing was when I was maybe 6, and Dad brought home a stack of obsolete stationery from his job, where they had just changed the logo. The paper was mostly blank, so I drew on it to my heart’s content. Eventually I taught myself to animate, and I was making my own animated cartoons on 8 mm film by the time I was 9.

What are your favorite things to draw?
I’ve always liked drawing cars. I guess it’s a guy thing.

Who are some of your artistic inspirations?
My major influences are the classic Archie Comics house style, exemplified by Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg; 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoons; and a little bit of Mort Walker, creator of Beetle Bailey. I can go realistic if I have to, but at the end of the day I’m most comfortable as a bigfoot cartoonist.

Any projects you’re working on?
I’m illustrating two books related to my other lifelong hobby, amateur radio. My call sign is N2EST.

What’s a good way for fans to check out your work?

Check out the portfolio page at


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