Meet the Artist – Ashley Davis When did you start drawing? I realized my love for art at a very young age; creating felt like the most natural thing for me. I remember in elementary, we had a guest artist come to class one day wheeling in one of those clunky overhead projectors, and he […]

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The Sniper Tower

Meet the Writer – Tyler Tarlton How long have you been writing? I have come up with story ideas all my life but started really writing about 11 years ago with a variety of church skits and dramas. I then moved to screenplays about 7 years ago and haven’t stopped writing since. What’s one of […]

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Digging Up the Past

Meet the Writer – Derrick Crow When did you start writing? I grew up creating long arcing stories with my toys that would last years, always riffs on the shows I loved growing up, like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, & Yu-Gi-Oh. I guess I started fiddling with the idea of writing when I was around […]

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